Mitutoyo’s MiSTAR 555 Shop Floor CMM is Smart Factory Ready

Designed to fit into any size of production facility, the MiSTAR 555 CNC CMM delivers the toughest operating condition capabilities with best-in-class drive speed and acceleration performance. MiSTAR’s easy load, space-saving design offers in-line and near-line placement with easy usability, unprecedented versatility and precision measurement of components almost anywhere by almost anyone.

MiSTAR demonstrates twice the environmental resistance of conventional CMMs by incorporating Mitutoyo’s newly developed absolute scale that is highly resistant to airborne contamination such as dust and coolant mist common in the challenging production line environment. A refined temperature compensation system confers a level of stability and accuracy on MiSTAR that enables the widest guaranteed-accuracy operating temperature range available for a shop floor CMM of 10-40°C.

The compact cantilever-CMM configuration provides maximum loading accessibility from three sides so that moving workpieces on and off the measuring table is significantly easier, reducing operator workload while making many automatic loading schemes practical. Electrical power need is only single phase and no air supply requirement allows placement practically anywhere on the shop floor. Mounting the machine controller under the measuring table saves installation space and reduces the footprint to about 70% of that of a comparable moving-bridge machine.

A wide selection of probing options includes a motorised indexable probe head to reduce the need for complex and expensive probe configurations and an economical fixed probe head for simpler scanning or touch-trigger applications. Probe changer integration minimises encroachment on the measuring volume.

New Mitutoyo-developed SMS functionality enables real-time monitoring of machine status as well as measurement data for straightforward smart factory integration. The SMS Status Monitor function provides easy visualisation of events such as machine busy time, idle time and scheduled maintenance requirements. Condition Monitor keeps track of key mechanical and electrical parameters to enable timely preventive maintenance scheduling, while MeasurLink covers Quality Control by providing centralised, at-a-glance statistics on product measurement data.

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