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Pace and precision at Fort Vale

Based in Burnley, Lancashire, Fort Vale Engineering Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of stainless steel valves and fittings for the container tank industry that enable the safe transportation of liquids, powders and gases.

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Mitutoyo ‘Engages’ with SSS Clutch

SSS Clutches was transformed when Gas Turbines began to be used for Power Generation and for Marine Propulsion systems. These two important sectors now account for the vast majority of the company’s business.

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Mitutoyo provide ‘all round’ precision to Tenon Engineering

Having searched for a suitably accurate and efficient means of measuring roundness and cylindricity, an in-depth demonstration convinced the staff of Tenon Engineering that the innovative Mitutoyo instrument delivered both the required levels of precision, and the ease and speed of use they were loo…

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Winbro Precision Decision

Since we first started using Mitutoyo CMMs in 2014, we have enjoyed outstanding service from each of the machines and have received excellent back-up from the staff of Mitutoyo UK

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Mitutoyo help Surface Generation to develop aerospace parts

Every gram counts when designing and building lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft, therefore the ability to economically mass-produce lightweight, yet strong high-precision composite components represents a major aim of the global aerospace industry.

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