Mitutoyo Coordinating Pace & Precision at ADP

As final inspection is usually the last process undertaken before manufactured components are dispatched, delays in this important activity can squander any time savings and efficiencies gained through the use of highly-productive CNC machine tools. Similarly, when performing in-process inspection routines, hold-ups in the reporting out of tolerance situations can result in the continued manufacture of faulty or scrap parts. To help remedy these costly situations, Mitutoyo recently launched the CRYSTA-Apex V series of CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). In addition to having high-accuracy specifications, the state-of-the-art, 10 model series boast class-leading speed of measurement. Amongst the early, enthusiastic users of the efficient new Mitutoyo CMMs is ADP Precision Engineering.

Encouraged by their in-depth experience across numerous areas of the engineering industry and inspired by a shared vision of establishing a modern, highly-efficient subcontract business, Anthony Ingledew and Peter Cornish formed ADP Precision Engineering in 1999. Over the past 20 years, the company founders’ technical expertise and expert knowledge of subjects such as sales, marketing and finance, has enabled the dynamic Newcastle Upon Tyne based company to continuously expand its range of manufacturing specialities, boost its production capacity and to increase its customer base. To satisfy the challenging quality and precision demands of its customer base, the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified business regularly invests in advanced, high-yield CNC machine tools and the latest IT systems. To ensure that its efficient working practises embrace every production process including inspection, ADP recently purchased a newly launched CRYSTA-Apex V, CNC CMM, from Mitutoyo UK.

muk-adp-application-photo.jpg“Given our beliefs in producing premium quality components and ensuring that we achieve maximum efficiencies in all of our activities, when we recently searched for a new CMM, the launch of Mitutoyo’s CRYSTA-Apex V series proved to be perfect timing, as the new CMMs high-precision and high-speed specification exactly matched our needs”. explained ADP Precision Engineering Director Peter Cornish.

“Our recently installed CRYSTA-Apex V CMM is now satisfying our demanding precision needs and helping to guarantee the quality of the components that we produce. In addition, its rapid CNC action is helping to fast-track the throughput of inspection work in our busy quality department. Its speed is also proving very useful when we are faced with challenging lead-times.”

Mitutoyo’s extensive range of CMMs are available in a wide variety of sizes and accuracy classes that cover practically all precision 3D measuring applications. Complementing the company’s first-class CMM hardware, Mitutoyo provides easy to use, feature-rich CMM analysis software. To support its CMM customers, Mitutoyo UK offers on-site and in-house CMM training, in addition to UKAS accredited calibration and a comprehensive service provision.

As the long awaited successors to the globally popular Mitutoyo Apex S CMM series, the high-accuracy, rapid acting CRYSTA-Apex V CNC series can truly be described as state-of-the-art CMMs. Drawing on the unparalleled technical knowledge of a world leader in metrology, the 10 model CRYSTA-APEX V series CMMs are based on a robust bridge-type construction and feature high-rigidity air-bearing guiding on each axis. In addition to providing outstanding levels of precision, the rapid acceleration and high-speed performance of the new CNC CMM range significantly increases users’ inspection efficiencies.

The use of Mitutoyo’s renowned ABS scale, with its high-resistance to adverse environmental conditions, means that, besides being ideal for use in pristine quality departments, Apex V series CNC CMMs can also operate efficiently and accurately when located within shop-floor locations. Further aiding use in less than perfect environments, the new Mitutoyo CMM range features an advanced temperature compensation feature.

As users’ inspection and measurement requirements can change over time, further probe systems and software can be added to the CRYSTA-Apex V Series, meaning that the new Mitutoyo CMMs represent a genuine, future proof investment.

ADP Quality Manager Stephen Cross added .“Our new CRYSTA-Apex V CMM’s fast CNC performance means that we are now able to load a large batch of components onto the machine’s bed, then start an impressively quick, fully automated measuring sequence. On completion, data related to each individual component is then generated and if required we can print-out detailed inspection reports or archive all relevant inspection data.

“Given the speed of our new Mitutoyo CMM, in addition to inspecting our current levels of production, we are confident that it will also be able to handle any future increases in production.” As a result of the advent of Smart Factories and the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT), the advanced CRYSTA-Apex V Series CNC CMMs are equipped with Mitutoyo’s Smart Measuring System (SMS) technology. SMS allows the online monitoring of CMMs operational status and the automated gathering of records related to key parts.

Mitutoyo will continue to drive the installation of SMS technology, not only in the company’s CNC CMMs, but also in its other CNC measuring instruments. By leveraging IoT, Mitutoyo will support the realisation of smart factories that conduct the sophisticated management of information relating to production and quality issues.