Mitutoyo Introduces Next Generation High-precision Height Gauge

Mitutoyo’s next generation QM-Height Digimatic height gauge offers a best-in-class accuracy of 3.6/4.5µm over the measuring range (350/600mm) and significant improvements in design and capability. High accuracy/resolution Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE linear encoders ensure industry leading precision and dependability. A large display panel with user friendly icon-based control keys and GO/NG LED indicator provides excellent useability.

QM-Data-2.pngEnhanced measurement and memory capabilities of the new QM-Height allow the capture of complex dimensional data. Measurements include height, step, inside/outside width, inside/outside diameter, pitch circle and free-form surface maximum/minimum heights by scanning measurement. The QM-Height remembers the preceding measurement (height component) and can display the difference (pitch) between results.

The new QM-Height models offer pneumatic flotation as standard and an ergonomically designed grip, enabling the gauge to be moved easily over the surface plate and the probe precisely positioned on the workpiece.

Battery power, provided by four AA cells, provides autonomous operation with outstanding durability ─ up to 300 hours is possible between battery replacement, or 80 hours with regular use of the pneumatic flotation function. Alternatively, the AC power adapter supplied provides uninterrupted use.

Full compatibility with existing Mitutoyo Digimatic peripherals and USB output enables measurement result storage and documentation, SPC analysis and straightforward integration into networked measurement systems with the ability to use, if required, Mitutoyo’s U-WAVE wireless data communication system for the ultimate in flexibility.